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Do’s And Don’ts On Puppy Obedience Dog Training!

Having a well-behaved and obedience dog can lead to a much better relationship between you and your pet. A dog who is successfully trained will bring a lot of happiness to you and your home. If you desire to enhance the way you deal with your pet, read on!

You should establish certain feeding habits for your dog. Train your dog to understand that the food bowl will be removed 10-15 minutes after you have fed him. This will help get him on a schedule. This will ensure he eats it all quickly instead of doddling or grazing all day.

Make sure that you set a calm tone whenever you set foot in a room where your dog is. Your pet needs play time (and you might too), but your pet needs to be calm when you step into rooms most of the time. When you ignore the dog on entry, they shouldn’t bother you about playing.

Make sure your teething puppy has a bunch of chew toys readily available to him, and keep other things he likes to chew on away from him. Replace the item immediately with one of the dog’s own chew toys. Try a frozen washcloth to alleviate the pain of teething for your puppy.

If you want your dog to follow the rules, keep training it, it needs to be refreshed! A lot of times owners thing training is a one time event. However, pets are creatures of habit. For this reason, you need to reinforce what your dog has learned in training or better still, teach him a new trick every now and then.

If your dog is a jumper, squeeze his paws when he jumps on you to let him know he cannot do this any longer. While this will not seriously hurt the animal, it is certainly unpleasant and therefore makes a powerful statement. It won’t take much time for your dog to associate the unpleasant squeeze with jumping on a person, and he will quickly refrain from doing so.

Use your dog’s name all the time, this will help focus him. You puppy will develop the association between his name being called, and him needing to pay attention to what you are telling him. Keep the name brief, and make sure that it does not sound too similar to other commonly used words.

Pay strict attention to your body language and tone of voice anytime you are training a pet. Dogs can easily sense how their owners or trainers feel. It is okay to be stern when disciplining your dog.

When training a dog to a leash it is important to keep the leash loose. Dogs love exploring new land whenever they get the chance to go walking. Because they are so eager, they often pull on the leash. A good dog trainer will work to discourage this and teach the dog to walk with a bit of slack on the leash.

Lots of people think that dog training is complicated, confusing and stressful; however, this isn’t true. Through making behavioral changes within yourself, and applying the right techniques, your dog’s behavior will come a long way.

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