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Ways Of Stopping Your Dog From Growling

A dog is man’s best friend. Growling could mean that they are disturbed, agitated or need something. Growling is one of the ways that dogs communicate—something that dog owners need to appreciate rather than punish. As much as dog owners don’t want their dogs growling at them, it is important to ensure that their dogs can still growl whenever they are uncomfortable or feeling disturbed.

Whenever you notice your dog growling at you, then something’s not right, and action needs to be taken before things get out of hand. Here’s what you do when your dog growls at you:

Stop whatever you are doing. Dogs may growl due to the agitation of children or their owners. It is important to stay safe when a dog growls to almost the biting threshold. In such a case, it’s important to keep calm and wait until the dog relaxes. Then, you can move away as if to reward his relaxed behavior.

Analyze reasons for growling. Does your dog growl whenever they are touched or groomed? Does he growl when you make direct eye contact? How about when they are restrained? It is important to analyze all these situations so you can know what is bothering your dog. By getting to the root cause, then you can help them stop growling.

It is also important to explore ways of making your dog communicate without necessary growling aggressively. Further, growling can be stopped by evaluating stressors in the dog’s world and finding ways of eliminating them.

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