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Ways To Use Bell Training For Puppies

Do you have a puppy? If so, then you can use bell training for various things. The top ways include:

Food Time

Bell training can be used to let your puppy know it’s time to eat. Teach them that they have to eat when the bell rings. Eventually you won’t even need the bell for them to know it’s time to eat.

To Go Out For A Wee

Imagine ringing the bell to let your know your puppy has to go out for a wee and they actually do it? Well, it’s possible with bell training. Use a bell every single day to let them know it’s time for a wee. Before you know it, the bell won’t be needed.

To Fetch Items

You can us bell training to teach your puppy how to fetch certain items. For example, you can ring the bell three times and then encourage them to get their leash. Do this numerous times throughout the day and week. Eventually when you ring the bell three times, they will automatically go and get their leash.

Do you want to train your puppy to go potty outside? How about to let them know it’s good time or to fetch items? If so, then start doing bell training with them.

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