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Can I Train My Dog By Myself…Right?

Training gives dog owners & their furbabies a good start in their relationship. Research had found supporting evidence that training helps to establish a stronger, more harmonious bond between a dog and its owner. It is especially important for adopted dogs which may have experienced abuse in the past-training will teach them to interact peacefully with humans.

Well, How Does Training Benefit My Dog And Me?

Your dog and you do not speak the same language. In fact, you and your dog are of entirely different species, so it’s very likely your dog doesn’t think or see the world the same way as you. Training helps both you and your dog bridge these differences, so that the two of you can develop a system of communication via simple words (“Sit!”, “Come!”, “Stop!”, etc) and touches.

Here are just some of the benefits from such improved communication:

  • Your dog will learn which behavior is acceptable and which isn’t. This will help your dog to react properly to unpredictable changes and situations that it will come across in real life.
  • It teaches your dog how to interact peacefully with other people as well as with other dogs.
  • You and your dog gain a better understanding of one another. You don’t have to scold or punish your dog often, and your dog will flourish in a less stressful and more loving environment. In the long run, this will promote a stronger bond between you and your dog.

Dog Training

Great! But I Can Train My Dog Myself…Right?

There may be books and YouTube videos for those who wish too train their dogs themselves, dogs are like babies. They have their own mind and can react in ways that are different from what’s demonstrated in those books and videos! Hence, what works for one dog may not work as well or even at all for another.

An experienced trainer who has trained many dogs of different personalities and temperament, on the other hand, may know a trick or two to deal with dogs that like to break the rules.

Training Is Not About Showing The Dog You Are The Boss.

In the past, it was commonly believed that you need to establish a firm dominance over your dog to ensure good behavior and loyalty. However, these methods tend to emphasize punishment over reward, and they often do not work on dogs with already problematic behaviors.

These days, evidence from research on pet behavior has generated a shift from this “I” m the boss!” style f training to one that emphasizes positive reinforcement and mutual respect between dog and owner. Seeking a trainer that adopts such an approach, as this approach has a higher likelihood of success in promoting good communication and stronger affection between the dog and its owner.

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